Shoreline Collection

Elizabeth's love for the ocean runs deep in her salty soul. Elizabeth is most inspired when she is outdoors, captivated by colors and mother nature's beauty from the environment around her. Many mornings she spends combing the beaches of North Florida, searching for ocean treasures washed ashore.  The majority of the shark teeth we use are found locally, fossilized and are approx 20-60 million years old. 

Among her other shoreline finds are pieces of seaglass, old glass from around the world that's been gently rolled in the sand for the past 50 or so years, to wash up, smoothed and perfected by the tides. Along with a variety of shells paired with gemstones from around the Globe.

With elegant simplicity in mind, Elizabeth combines her childhood visions of golden pirate treasure with sophisticated, adventurous, and beautiful jewelry, perfect for every woman.