Coastal Collection

Coastal living is a way of life for many people, however you don't have to live near a beach to appreciate this simplistic lifestyle. Whether you're living oceanfront, lakeside, by a beautiful mountain stream or even poolside, we can all agree that being near a body of water with the sun shining down on you is as peaceful as it is rejuvenating. Elizabeth's inspiration for the Coastal Collection stems from a love of Mother Nature and watching how she can really shine. Her inspirations started when she was a young girl watching sunsets on the lake she was from. Then living in Colorado, she could easily drive in any direction and find a stream to sit by and watch the mountains glow with the changing direction of the sun. Elizabeth continues to be inspired daily by the sights, sounds, and people around her coastal community, where she currently resides in North Florida. All of the gemstones, color variations, and designs Elizabeth uses in this collection are inspired by the water that surrounds us. We want women who wear these pieces to feel as whimsical as the ocean breeze, and hope that they create new memories in their signature Elizabeth Sarah creations.