Shark Angels

If you haven't noticed yet, around here we're fans of all things Mother Nature, and love to honor all her beauty through the Elizabeth Sarah Collections jewelry line.

Sustainably sourced and locally found shark tooth necklaces, plated in gold and silver, adorned with gemstones and also featured in solid gold and diamonds, have been a staple of the ever-growing Shoreline and Fine Collections. These pieces symbolize more than being a badass with great taste in jewelry, but also pay homage to designer & owner, Elizabeth, as she conquered her fear of sharks upon moving to her current home in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Of course, most people have seen Jaws or other movies and shows that depict the frightening aspect of killer sharks (and we totally get it), but we're here to inform you of all the misconceptions & myths about sharks, and what you can do to get involved, through one of our favorite non-profits, Shark Angels.

Our great friend, client & confidant, Jodi Leafer is a part of Shark Angels, and is the inspiration behind this text. Hearing of her adventures diving with these gentle giants from Africa to the South Pacific, and changing harmful stigmas in regions across the world is nothing short of incredible.

Her passion and excitement about this philanthropic cause is contagious - as resources are being depleted and the need for global awareness is real, we couldn't help but choose this deserving charitable group to share with all of our friends, family & customers.

About Shark Angels:
Shark Angels is an environmental charity dedicated to protecting sharks worldwide. Their mission is to turn fear into fascination and passion into action. Through communication and community, Shark Angels goal is to inspire the next generation of shark conservationists.

The Shark Angels nonprofit has dozens of resource tools on their website alone to teach people of all ages about the beauty of sharks by changing the public perception, serving as a voice for sharks, and using social media to engage in meaningful dialogues.

Working with experts in shark behavior, local and national governments, and other conservation groups all over the world, Shark Angels and their dedicated team members are rapidly changing the old ways in which people regard these creatures, and use shark by-products.

Wanting to help spread the word and show our support for this unique group that does crucial work in education and conservation worldwide, we have provided a donation link below: