What is Solid Gold?

Solid gold jewelry is the most valuable form of jewelry - whether its 14K, 18K or 24K gold, it is the highest quality type of gold.  

Each piece in the Fine Collection features both a Solid Gold Shark Tooth pendant as well as Solid Gold Chain and Bail, which is what connects the pendant to the chain.

Our current electroplated shark tooth necklaces start at $180.00 - $600.00. The new, fine jewelry collection of solid gold and diamonds will have a starting price point of $1,400.00 - $7,000.00.

The new Fine Collection does feature shark tooth necklaces in solid gold, which means that there is no actual shark tooth underneath the metal, as seen in our Electroplated styles. 

These solid gold pieces mean exactly that - we take a real shark tooth and make a cast of it, which is then filled with 14K gold to recreate the exact texture, shape and size of the original tooth. 

Elizabeth chose 8-10 real shark teeth from her collection of thousands that represent both unique species and styles that we can work with to create beautiful one of a kind pieces. 
Using real teeth sets this collection apart, as we wanted to show the integrity of each serration, root and bourlette.  

These necklaces are wearable art, and are produced with the same intention and value that Elizabeth has always put into her jewelry line. It's important to her that her pieces are never mass produced overseas and are made with the utmost care, detail and precise quality control. These elevated standards are what define her fine jewelry collection and customer service ideals. 

While our electroplated and gold vermeil products are made to last a lifetime with minimal wear and tear, we know our customers want to - and do - wear their classic Elizabeth Sarah Collections pieces daily. However, with enough daily wear the plating can slowly rub off.

Solid gold pieces are meant to last many lifetimes over and will ensure your everyday favorite piece will stay shiny, and the metal will never fade away over time.

We know that this can be a lot to retain, but gold gets the detailed explanation and attention it deserves. Part of our job is to educate you - we know it can be difficult to make online purchases, and with the vast information on the internet there is a lot to take in. We hope that this helps with your questions and we appreciate your years of support and trust!