Return/Replacement Policy

We do not offer returns, as all sales are final.

If you have an item that has been damaged, you are responsible for the cost of shipping to return it to us for repair.  

Damage- We are sorry to hear that your signature Elizabeth Collections piece has been damaged! You can contact us through email: phone: 386.562.7165 Facebook: Elizabeth Sarah Collections or Instagram: @elizabethsarahcollections and we will promptly get back to you to discuss your damaged piece. Depending on the damage, whether it is a gemstone, electroplating, wire wrapping or chain we can most likely repair it for a fee. Since each piece is one of a kind we will do our best to recreate the damaged item.  

Discoloration- If your chain or metal becomes discolored and our steps of care and cleaning still won’t restore it, you can send it back to us within six months of your purchase. Depending on the amount of discoloration and where it has been affected we will be able to restore it for a fee. Please allow up to a month for your jewelry to be returned to you, as we fit in repairs in between our busy schedules of running our shop.  

Lost- Unfortunately we cannot replace items that were lost once the customers received them. Once they are out for shipping our creations are out of our hands and the customers are fully responsible for them.