Meet Our Team

When Elizabeth Sarah Collections was established in 2006, it was like a dream come true for artist Elizabeth Walker. The idea behind Elizabeth Sarah Collections is that jewelry can be much more than just an accessory, and the collections are designed to become an extension of the woman wearing it; a symbol of luck, celebration and love. The concept behind Elizabeth's hand crafted jewelry and use of precious and semi-precious gemstones is to honor Mother Earth and nature's daily inspirations.
Elizabeth was living in Colorado in 2001 when she got her start making jewelry, working as an apprentice for her neighbor. During this time she was learning the trade of jewelry design while also attending college. But, her love for jewelry didn't start there. It actually began when Elizabeth was a little girl going through her grandmothers jewelry box. She loved the sparkle and glamour, and especially the stories behind each piece. Later when she started her business, Elizabeth even named the Cosmopolitan Collection after her grandmother's signature look.
After marrying artist Philip Walker in 2004, the couple moved from Colorado and settled on the beautiful coastal shores of North Florida. Not long after, in 2006, Elizabeth Sarah Collections was created. The brand started as a way for Elizabeth to not only reconnect to her roots, but also pay homage to the men and women who inspired her along the way. 
Before Elizabeth was able to run her business full time, she spent about a decade making every effort to work several jobs to be able to support her passion of making jewelry. Finally in 2016, after leaving the dental industry, she was able to go full-time with Elizabeth Sarah Collections. It was the greatest day of her life to date, and the feeling of taking over the world, one necklace at a time is still with her today. Philip, who has his own full-time business as a professional artist, is also a huge part of Elizabeth Sarah Collections. Without his support, teamwork and juggling his own roles and professions, ESC truly wouldn't be where it is today.
We are now in our second brick and mortar location, a gallery in Atlantic Beach, FL that houses exclusively Elizabeth and Philips work. The Walkers still create from their home studio, and can be found bouncing between there and the gallery with the shop mascots in tow (their precious pugs Beau, Ollie and Spike.)
Currently Elizabeth finds her inspiration through the beauty of life, love, and our Mother Earth and always keeps her humble beginnings close to her heart. She is eternally grateful for creative freedom and the opportunity that's been given to her.

She's got groove, a free spirit and bright smile. Introducing the newest member of the Elizabeth Sarah Collections family, is Alex! She's a natural leader with an old soul, yet she brings fresh ideas and talent to the table.

With the recent expansion of our new store in Atlantic Beach last October, the team has taken on tons of new work and commissions. We quickly realized that in order keep production at its new steady rate, the three amigos (myself, Elizabeth and Philip) decided we need to get back to our roots and designate more studio time. Now we just needed to somehow be in two places at once to also keep the gallery open 5 days a week. 

And just like that, Alex came in for an interview and there was no looking back!

Alex is originally from Nashville, and though she's moved around several times, she now calls Atlantic Beach home. She loves thrifting, dancing at oceanside dj sets, and of course learning about our crazy world of art and jewelry.

You can find Alex at the gallery several days a week, handling inventory, styling jewelry and keeping you all in the know via social media. 

We are so excited to have her on our side and can't wait to see what the future holds!