Cleaning & Care

Each piece of Elizabeth Sarah Collections jewelry is designed for everyday, light wear and tear. In order to keep your signature Elizabeth Sarah Collections pieces looking brand new, we have a few suggestions. Since we want all of our current and future customers to enjoy our jewelry throughout their lifetime, we recommend wearing it with moderation and respect for the precious gemstones, metals and various elements we incorporate into our pieces. For general care, use a silver polishing cloth followed by a soft brush with mild soap and warm water.  We also recommend that you do not sleep or work out in your Elizabeth Sarah Collections pieces, and be careful when applying lotion, sunscreen and makeup near areas that the jewelry will touch. To preserve the look of your jewelry we recommend that you remove it before entering salt water or chlorine as well as before showering and to not store your jewelry in the bathroom or any humid space in your home. 

For the team behind Elizabeth Sarah Collections, our quality of material is an important aspect we take pride in, and  we want our clients to know that we have your best interests (not to mention style!) at heart. We use a Gold Vermeil chain which is high quality, heavy plated gold over sterling silver, and use 24kt electroplating as well on most pieces, which if worn too much or worn in the pool, shower, ocean etc can wear faster than normal, and cause the underlying metal to show. Our Sterling Silver pieces can also tarnish quicker if they are worn in water or over makeup or oily lotions. Since silver naturally tarnishes over time, following these steps will help your silver pieces from tarnishing quicker.

Another cleaning method we recommend with our jewelry is using Tarn-X. To use Tarn-X pour a little bit into a bowl or cup, just covering the bottom, as with this product, a little goes a long way. If you are cleaning a shark tooth, buffalo bone, or necklace with pearl or other porous gemstones, only submerge the chain into the Tarn-X, and keep it there for a few seconds. You will see the chemical produce bubbles, which means it is cleaning the metal. After a few seconds take the chain out, rinse it with warm water and dry on a paper towel or dish cloth, making sure all the water is off before wearing again. When you are caring for and cleaning your jewelry, be careful not to submerge porous gemstones such as pearls, as well as sharks teeth or our sustainability harvested buffalo bone pieces into water or Tarn-X. The liquid can get into the natural crevices of the teeth, bone and gemstones and may cause damage.

With other gemstone necklaces, the entire piece can be submerged into the Tarn-X and rinsed with water, as neither will damage the gemstones. 

If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the team at Elizabeth Sarah Collections, as we are able to replace or repair damaged jewelry. You can reach us through LiveChat on our website, Instagram, Facebook, or direct email at We want our customers to know that we deeply value you and your purchases, and want you to be fully satisfied with our craftsmanship.