Necklace Length

If you have any questions about necklace length, here is your go-to guide!

16"-18" is the typical "short" necklace length that fit most women in the center of their chest, above the cleavage and below the clavicle. Our perfect, meet in the the middle length, is 17", which is what we recommend for our shorter styles. 

Our chokers are designed to sit above the clavicle, but not squeezing the neck. The Gold and Silver Disco Chain Chokers come in 14.5" unless otherwise stated. They are made short enough to be a great accenting piece to a longer necklace, while remaining elegant and flattering against your neck line.

Long necklaces can be tricky to judge when you're not able to try them on, but our team is making it as easy as possible for you! 30" is our standard long necklace length which is below the cleavage and above the belly button. 

When viewing our jewelry online, each product description features the necklace length as well as model photos. Feel free to reach out for specific pendant/gemstone dimensions via email, phone social media or LiveChat.

For men, the standard length is between 20" and 25". 

*All necklace lengths look different based on height and build and we are happy to work with customers on making custom lengths for your individual body type.