One of a Kind vs. Small Batch

Elizabeth Sarah creates handmade and one of a kind jewelry along with small batch collections. To better explain the difference, here is a quick explanation behind Elizabeth's creations:

One of a Kind 

Each one of a kind piece is just that- IT CANNOT BE replicated and in order to preserve the individuality of each necklace, these one of a kind pieces won't be restocked once they sell out. 

Every necklace is made to be as unique and sophisticated as the woman wearing it. Elizabeth challenges herself to constantly create new color combinations, patterns and textures using a variety of gemstones and fine metals. The one of a kind pieces that she creates are inspired by her travels and love of Mother Nature. 

Almost every piece you come across designed by Elizabeth is a one of a kind creation. No two pieces are exactly alike as Elizabeth is constantly working hard to appeal to a worldwide audience and staying on trend in her own original and innovative way.

Small Batch

The small batch collections are another representation of Elizabeth's imagination and creativity. 

Local materials like shark teeth, sea glass and sea shells that are harvested by our team are what make up our small batch collections. While all ocean treasures are unique, our team is able to produce more similar style pieces with these materials and follow a more streamlined pattern of production. 

Other current, small batch collections can be seen in the form of our Druzy Quartz necklaces as well as Crescent Charm necklaces, Jasper Arrowhead, Amethyst Stalactite necklaces, and several other select styles. 

Even these small batch pieces are made in quantities of 5 to 10 pieces at a time. They are not produced by the dozens or hundreds, as Elizabeth likes to retain the artistic craftmanship of each piece.