1651 - Shark Tooth Necklace


24kt Electroplated Fossilized Galeocerdo* Shark Tooth Necklace on 18” Gold Vermeil Petite Paperclip  Chain finished with a Lobster Clasp. 

*Tooth measures approx. 1 1/4" x 1"

*This chain is 18" at it longest but can be worn shorter simply by clasping to any link.

Necklace looks great worn alone for a simple everyday look but can also be styled with various layers from any collection for an elevated look. 

*Galeocerdo is a genus of ground shark. Only a single species, G. cuvier, the modern tiger Shark, is in existence today. The earliest fossils date back to the early Eocene period, around 56–47.8 Million years ago

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