If you're wondering why you're seeing a featured art collection on a jewelry website, just know that it's all part of a bigger picture as Owner and Head Designer, Elizabeth Walker expands her creative talents.

This collection of Original Artwork and Prints is a collaboration between Elizabeth and her husband, Philip Bennett Walker.  

Philip has been creating art his whole life, and began painting professionally as a young adult in Aspen, Colorado. What most people don't know, is that Elizabeth is also a talented painter aside from jewelry designer. She's always been a creative soul and even used to make her own stained glass as well. She picked up painting again during the summer of 2020, after nearly twenty years, to work on a 35 piece collection to outfit a commercial building, here in Jacksonville, Florida. 

These pieces are the fist of many cohesive collections to come. Elizabeth is able to channel her creativity by shifting her creative mindset, while reigniting an old passion.

Working with her husband, not just from separate offices, but side by side, has also brought about ideas that may have never come forth.  Elizabeth was able to look at colors and patterns in a whole new way and design these paintings along with Philip from a fresh, brand new perspective. 

To view more works by Artist Philip Bennet Walker, click the link to shop his website