1236 - Coin Necklace
1236 - Coin Necklace
1236 - Coin Necklace

1236 - Coin Necklace

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Electroplated Gold Atocha Coin Necklace on 1.5mm Gold Filled Bead Chain with a spring clasp. This NEW yellow gold-filled bead chain is characterized by spherical links, often hollow, that are joined by narrow connector wire or bars.

Elizabeth is introducing this new style of chain to accompany the small batch Atocha necklaces. We thought that they would a be a perfect addition to the necklace for every salty siren.

All chains are 18".

A collection within a collection, this small batch design includes replicas of the Atocha coin, which features a different image on each side, and is available in 24kt Electroplated Gold or Silver. 

As Floridians, our team is so excited to share these treasures with all of you, as they are a true part of history mixed with our take on art, design and fashion.

Before America was colonized, Spain would send fleets of trade ships to its colonies in what we now know as Central and South America as well as Caribbean islands.  The ships carried luxuries such as tobacco, coffee and and of course silver and gold. 

The biggest threat to these ships were pirates and hurricanes. As history turns out, a hurricane sank the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, the 110 foot galleon accompanying a particular fleet of ships. 

It wasn't until the 1980's when Florida native Mel Fisher discovered the sunken ship and all of its in tact cargo items and coins.

You can read more about the history of the Atocha in our blog, "Florida's Hidden Treasures."

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