988 - Shark Tooth Necklace


24kt Electroplated Locally Found in North Florida Fossilized Shark Tooth Necklace on 24” Gold Vermeil 1.5mm Box Chain*

*For comparison of thickness of this chain, you can view #970, where we use a 1mm Box Chain. 

This locally found shark tooth is special to the designer as she has always had a salty soul and seeks to use natural and sustainable materials while incorporating her love for Mother Nature.

These fossilized shark teeth are hundreds of thousands of years old. Their unique coloration and texture reflects the sediment in which they have been in as the mineral makeup in the tooth turns into a fossil over time.

Necklace looks great worn alone as a statement piece, or layered with shorter, complimentary pieces such as #973, Gold Electroplated Cats Paw Shell Necklace, and #458 Gold Disco Chain Choker as shown in the model photos. 

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