1024 - Solid Gold and Diamond Shark Tooth Necklace
1024 - Solid Gold and Diamond Shark Tooth Necklace

1024 - Solid Gold and Diamond Shark Tooth Necklace

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The first Double Bail design in the Fine Collection, this style of fossilized shark tooth features one carat of diamonds asymmetrically hugging one side as they descend in size to accent the shape of the fang. 


Necklace Description:

  • 12.7g 14K Yellow Gold
  • 1 carat VS1 & VS2 Colorless Pave Diamonds with Excellent Cut, Polish and Symmetry
  • 20" 1mm 14K Solid Yellow Gold Rounded Wheat Chain with Puffed Lobster Clasp


Every shark tooth in this collection was specifically chosen for its size, shape, and texture, which artist Elizabeth Sarah hand picked from her stash of thousands.

This specific fossilized shark tooth design belongs to our local shark species, the Bull Shark, and can be found combing our beaches North Florida. This tooth specifically is from the top row of teeth, whereas the bottom row of teeth are typically more pointed as seen in style #999.

Elizabeth worked with a master jeweler as she learned the techniques applied in this new collection, and once the perfect tooth was chosen that best represented the idea she had for each style, she learned the process of making it into a mold.  After the mold is set, it's then casted in 14K gold. 

The solid gold tooth picks up the natural imperfections and distinct features of the tooth - such as graininess of the root or curve of a fang.

We work with Mother Nature versus against her. What some people may see as flaws, we see as fingerprints, and we highlight these individual characteristics to show off their genuine beauty.

Each one of a kind necklace is thoughtfully intended to compliment not only the person wearing it but also celebrate the wonderful ocean at our backyard and forever close to our hearts.

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