912-Shark Tooth Necklace


Electroplated Locally Found Shark Tooth Necklace on 19" Sterling Silver Cable or Rolo Chain accented with Labradorite at the Hook and Eye Closure.

Necklaces vary by their bail - the small circle or circles connecting the shark tooth to the chain.

The Single Bail Shark Tooth Necklace has one bail in the top center of the tooth and allows the chain to move about.

The Double Bail Shark Tooth Necklace has two bails on either side of the top of the tooth and ensures that the chain stays in a more fixed position, as it doesn't slide around the neck.

Necklace looks great worn alone or layered with both shorter and longer complimentary pieces from any collection for a beach chic look. 

These shark teeth are from Buck Island - where man made sand dunes created from dredging of the St. Johns River hide prehistoric artifacts that can be found by digging into the sides of the dunes.


The Army Corps of Engineers dredged the river in the 1970's in order for bigger boats to pass through the city, bringing up these million-year-old teeth that may have never been uncovered otherwise.


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